The Key Factors or Indicators in the Motivation of Employees

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The key factors or indicators in the motivation of employees of CARE International in Zimbabwe.

By Hughes Wonder Semu.

September 2008.

Table of contents

1. Introduction....4 General background..............4 Objectives.4 Organizational background...4 Organizational structure5
2. Literature review and information
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Appendices Appendix 1.. Appendix 2..20 Appendix 3..21 Appendix 4..24


1 General Background

Motivation can be defined as the internal driving force that compels people to achieve. At the workplace, motivation plays a key role and it invariably affects individual as well as organizational productivity. It is therefore of importance that factors which motivate individuals are understood so that organizations can address those factors and thereby create an effective, efficient and productive workforce.

An understanding of motivational factors, including ways of satisfying, meeting and addressing those factors enables people to become better managers and is basic for anyone who aspires to…