The Key Features Of Stuttering

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Key Features of Stuttering Stuttering is a speech disorder that occurs when the fluency of speech is involuntarily interrupted (Belyk et al., 2014). According to scientific literature, typical symptoms of stuttering include prolongations of speech sounds, sound and syllable repetition, fast tempo, lengthy pauses, intrusion of irrelevant sounds, the use of interjections, and physical signs of struggle (Andrade et al., 2014). Additionally, stutterers can develop secondary behaviours including negative perceptions leading to avoidance of certain social situations (Maguire et al., 2004). Negative emotional responses can cause debilitating cognitive and social impacts (Andrade et al., 2014). Stuttering typically develops in childhood and the…show more content…
Additionally, Watson is male and his mild condition presented itself in childhood. Despite the trend for spontaneous recovery, Watson has yet to experience partial or complete recovery. Overall, many of the typical symptoms of stuttering are present in Watson’s case. Aetiology Despite the intensive efforts in the scientific community, the aetiology of stuttering remains largely unknown. Suspected factors of influence include dopamine hyperactivity, disordered sensory feedback, linguistic deficits, anticipation of speech difficulties, generalized motor deficits, speech-specific motor deficits, environmental factors, and genetic factors (Max et al., 2004). Currently, it is widely agreed upon that genetic factors have a substantial role in the aetiology of stuttering. Studies in twins have shown an increased rate of stuttering in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic twins –77% prevalence versus 32% prevalence (Felsenfeld et al., 2000). In addition to genetic factors, environmental factors include birth events, traumas or illnesses, stress, and peer influences (Felsenfeld et al., 2000). On the contrary, Michaela believes that both genetics and environment play a rather minimal role in stuttering. Scientific literature suspects that genetics have a profound influence on stuttering. However, a family history for Watson was conducted, and revealed a lineage absent of stuttering. Watson has not displayed any symptoms of
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