The Key Market Success Factors For This Industry

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Fitbit will need to focus on continuing to build their user base and establish credibility as a fitness or health expert to lock out new entrants and play with established fitness brands like Nike. The analysts at Moor Insights & Strategy have described some of the key market success factors for this industry (2013). Devices must be easy and intuitive to use, comfortable to wear, and reliable. As sensors grow smaller and smaller, the ability to integrate them into wearable devices without impacting comfort, style, performance, and battery life will be critical. Without sacrificing costs or a simple user experience, generate more intelligent and useful data insights, such as intake & burn, and provide the ability to export user data for personal analytics use. Masses interested in healthy living and weight management will be more interested in advice/ coaching that helps them achieve their wellness goals. This can be achieve through user-centric interfaces or applications. A larger, loyal user base will ensure demand over product cycles, and create more meaningful data, providing rich community sharing that will only further bolster loyalty and trust. Creating affiliations and partnerships with gyms, trainers, nutritionists, health care providers, and other relevant players in health & wellness will help to become more intimate with the user base. Companies will need to identify closer with focus user groups and create value as the market matures. Masses whose primary

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