The Key Objective Of A Great Facilitator

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The main objective of a great facilitator is to development a team that is cohesive and cooperative, producing results that make the group the most effective and efficient unit possible. However, this is not always the case. Building a team that flourishes in any situation can be a daunting endeavor. Many individuals unknowingly lack the skills necessary to be a great facilitator. Roger Schwarz (2002), has created nine ground rules for honing a more effective group. When these nine ground rules are applied and executed by a team, any facilitator will be able to produce a more effective and efficient group. Furthermore, “by becoming familiar with the ground rules, you can watch a group and identify specifically what is happening that is enhancing or hindering the group’s process” (Schwarz, 2002 p. 96). Schwarz’s (2002), nine ground rules are as followed respectively, “test assumptions and inferences, share all relevant information, use specific examples and agree on what important words mean, explain your reasoning and intent, focus on interests, not positions, combine advocacy and inquiry, jointly design next steps and ways to test disagreements, discuss undiscussable issues, and us a decision-making rule that generates the level of commitment needed” (p. 97). Purpose and Nature of Group “For a group to optimize its effectiveness, the formal leader cannot perform all of the leadership functions in all circumstances at all times, and all group members must assist each
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