The Key Of The Equity Is Fairness And Ethics

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The key of the equity is fairness and ethics, the theories and the rule that was advanced by the Court of Chancery in English as describe from the courts of common law. Though, in Australian law, equity has a different meaning. That interpret can be the key of the law before the judicature Acts of 1873-1875, was arranged in England by the Court of Chancery, which be presented with followed a set of the rules in the Australian courts (Dal Pont and Chalmers, 2004, p.3). The rules of equity and common law with arrangement of Australia are coming from English law (Dal Pont and Chalmers, 2004, p.7).Back to the beginning of eighteenth century English law enacted laws to better resolve certain rules should apply to the region, which was recently received. Sometimes these regions were occupied by force, and occasionally they were ceded to another British power, they often become the property of the United Kingdom, through peaceful colonization. Make a distinction between those colonies is to control the land or own the land, which these colonies by a peaceful settlement to the court between colonial. In the case of "conquest" or "ceded" regions general rule is that if there is a perfect system of civilized legal ubiquitous regions, which will continue to operate until the occupied of power by changing (Alex,1963). "Therefore, the rules and idea of English equity authority advanced in the Court of Chancery and past the equity law to Australian courts, when Supreme Court accepted
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