The Key Perspectives On Power And Domination

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This essay will aim to assess the key perspectives on power and domination by evaluating research and studies done by prominent sociologist within the field of power and domination. I shall start by defining what power actually is within the realm of politics. Power and domination have an important relationship in the social relations of modern society (p.11). Stewart (2005) cited Parsons (1967) on the definition power, where he defines power as a comprehensive capacity to secure the performance of binding obligations by units in an organisation where the obligations are legitimised and they share the same goals and there is presumption of enforcement by an individual. That is power is achieved when there is control by an individual over his or her subordinates and used as a tool to be used to achieve collective goals. Another important definition of power is by prolific sociologist Max Weber as he defined power as the chance of men to realise their own will in a communal action even against the resistance of other who are participation in the action (p.522 sociology themes and perspectives). So in other words weber defines power as the ability for one to get his/her own way even if everyone around you if opposed to your ideas and goals. So to achieve power one must make it happen through means of resistance from people opposed to you in order to have the ability to control people around you. Another notable sociologist Anthony Giddens suggests that the study of power is a
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