The Key Reason Behind Therapists And Clinicians Performing Psychology

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Introduction The main reason behind therapists and clinicians performing psychology-persona assessments is to determine the specific characteristics that each individual possesses with regards to intelligence, skill, interests or preferences and the type of personality one has (Maloney & Ward, 1976). In order to achieve this, therapists require to integrate an array of data that helps to converge the diverse knowledge areas for identification purposes. Psychometrics normally employ the use of tests in order to gain substantial data, which is sometimes perceived as laying more emphasis on technical and clerical testing aspects. The approach they employ is usually oriented towards the data line where the end result of their approach is normally a series of descriptions with regards to abilities and traits (Matarazzo, 1990). The psychological assessment chosen in this case is the Wechsler Intelligence Scales use to measure a person’s aptitude or intelligence level. Wechsler Intelligence Scales This assessment instruments are administered individually where scales manifested in a battery format are used to conduct composite intelligence tests. I chose this assessment because intelligence or IQ measurement is very significant in determining a person’s smartness that helps explain why some people perform well in their studies while others do not. These intelligence scales assess various intellectual ability areas and provide a scenario where different personality aspects can be
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