The Key Success Factors For Wateen Telecom

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way it or its employees work. It fulfils three key criteria:
1. It provides consumer benefits
2. It is not easy for competitors to imitate
3. It can be leveraged widely to many products and markets.
The key success factors for Wateen telecom are:
• No dependency on third- party copper infrastructure.
• A one-window solution for all internet, telephony and data needs.
• Pioneer in WIMAX technology is the main KSF for Wateen telecom.

It is the total sum of the values, customs, traditions and meanings that make a company unique. Corporate culture is often called "the character of an organization". The values of a corporate culture influence the ethical standards within a corporation, as well as managerial behavior.
Wateen’s corporate culture according to the CEO is to value people, more than products or profits but according to our survey and market research Wateen’s corporate culture is basically a weak one.
• There is a lot of communication gap between employees and the management.
• There is a lot of decentralization in the company which is not at all good.
• It has not been able to create a customer responsive culture till yet. Managers in Wateen are autocratic leaders. They tell employees what to do, issue orders and expect them to be obeyed.
• The autocratic leadership style should be not be used when you want to get your employees engaged in the decision making process.

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