The Key to Success is Motivating Employees

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Executive Summary Motivation is one of the most important keys to success. According to various statistics and research motivated employees are more productive and beneficial in the workplace. Employers should be concerned about staff motivation and positive atmosphere. The main advantages of motivation in the workplace are improvement in job performance, increase of productivity, decrease in costs and employee turnover, when staff can produce more than employers expect, when staff does their work creatively, when costs go down and profit increases - company is success. To conclude, all of the benefits of motivation lead to company prosperity. In this report we will be discussing Motivation and how it has a large impact on the way employees perform within the workplace. We will be addressing the many benefits of having an adequate amount of motivation within the organization and the employees in it. How motivation within the workplace affects the company productivity will also be mentioned within this report. As an example of a company that has been succeeding taking motivation as a large factor leading to company success, we will be discussing how CIBC has been implementing the motivation strategy within their organization to bring forth success. BENEFITS OF MOTIVATION IN THE WORKPLACE Job satisfaction can reflect on employees ‘overall assessment of their job through emotions, behaviours, and attitudes about their work experience. (Boundless) For organizations
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