Essay on The Keys to Job Satisfaction

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Job Satisfaction

Workplace Relationships

If a company is interested in growth and profit, it must establish positive relationships and good rapport with its employees. People will be happier in their jobs if the environment that surrounds them is made comfortable and positive. Three main factors aid positive workplace relationships: trust, respect and teamwork. Positive workplace relationships are easy to develop when time is taken with each factor. Overall, these factors benefit everyone. People are the "heart" of an organization and care should be taken to foster a positive work environment.

Workplace relationships are important in job satisfaction. In fact, studies show that an employee's direct supervisor has the most
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This is because Jensen notes that some people certainly can be happy in repetitive tasks for years, but many people require challenge and variety to remain satisfied.

Although training and education may not be the number one key to job satisfaction, it is definitely a very important factor in it. A company that fosters personal and professional development at every level has a greater edge in building and keeping great staff. Making learning opportunities available to every employee who seeks to take advantage of them is essential to a company’s success. This is because training and education not only increase knowledge and skills of the employees who are actually doing the job, but they also increase motivation and loyalty among those employees. Education improves the chances of advancement, improves morale and pride in performance and increases quality and productivity within a company. All of these attributes combined contribute to increased job satisfaction within the work environment.

According to Reiner and Zhao’s journal article, "The Determinants of Job Satisfaction Among United States Air Force Police," people who have completed higher levels of education tend to be more satisfied with their jobs than those who are less educated. Learning provides the skills, insights and competence to

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