The Keystone Xl And Its Effects On The Environment

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We are venturing into a period of time in which fossil fuels such as oil are starting to share the same importance as water. Looking back in time, an abundance of fossil fuels was not a myth but a reality. However as time went on this resource began to deplete, and landing in present time the façade of abundance quickly faded. Oil deposits are quickly draining and new reserves cannot be found to offset current production. On top of that a major point of concern lies in the fact that oil reserves are not scattered evenly across the globe, meaning that places around the world have to import oil to sustain their needs. A method of solving this issue is through the application of pipelines, which differ from conventional methods such as shipping via rail or sea. This essay will focus on a specific pipeline named the Keystone XL that is located in the United States, and furthermore examine both the positive and negative connotations associated with this controversial project. Methods that can help minimize the negative effects on the environment will also be examined, as well as a personal perspective on the project. The Keystone XL pipeline project is not by any means the first pipeline with the intent of transporting oil across borders, however it has gained additional exposure for specific reasons. The most prominent source of publicity stems from the peculiar but temporary stance of President Barack Obama, who vetoed the pipeline after congress had approved of its
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