The Keystone Xl Pipeline Is A Proposed 1, 1798 Mile Pipeline

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The Keystone XL Pipeline is a proposed 1, 1798 mile pipeline that begins in Hardisty, Canada and runs to Steele City , Nebraska. It is designed to carry up to 830,00 barrels of petroleum per day. The Canadian company TransCanada initially proposed the pipeline in 2005 and applied to the State Department for a construction permit in 2008. There would be 329 miles of pipeline in Canada and 840 miles of pipeline in the United States. Then, once the pipeline reaches Nebraska, it would connect to an existing Keystone pipeline that runs to the Gulf Coast. This pipeline would require Canada and the United States to partner together, and in the end would benefit both countries. Canada is already sending the United States approximately 550,000…show more content…
Having these jobs available would help increase the economy, and help the job crisis that America has been facing. Having this pipeline could also help reduce the cost of gas. Although there would be no significant impact on the price of gas, for something most American’s use every day, the slightest decrease in gas prices could help. Building this pipeline would also help provide a channel for oil from a friendly alley, and cement trade relations for the United States and Canada. There are so many positives to this proposed pipeline, but every good has a bad, and it’s definitely worth looking at the opposition to this side of the story.
It is not secret that Keystone XL Pipeline has been a controversial issue that last few months, and for good reason. The United States and Canada are already connected by thousands of miles of oil pipelines, but none have risen as big of an issue as the Keystone XL pipeline. There are environmentalists who oppose this project because it would create a conduit to market for petroleum extracted from the Alberta oil sands, an unconventional energy source requiring far more fuel, water and carbon emissions to extract than conventional oil and gas.
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