The Keystone Xl Pipeline Is The Endurance Of Today's Society

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Oil is imperative to the endurance of today’s society and plays a major role in the world’s economy. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a crude oil pipeline that is designed to run from “Hardisty, Alberta…to Steele City, Nebraska,” (About The Project). Citizens of Canada and the United States are debating the development of the pipeline. There are two sides to this issue, to either approve or disapprove the Keystone XL Pipeline, and by researching this topic I will form an opinion. Most of the Keystone pipeline has already been put in place. According to an image, from an article in an academic journal, the oil pipeline has already been built from Hardisty, Alberta to Patoka, Illinois and to Houston, Texas. If more than half of the Keystone…show more content…
Not only that, “Canada estimates…half a million jobs by the year 2035,” (Richardson). This will lessen the amount of people that are in extensive debt across the country. A democratic senator from Louisiana claims that the “energy jobs are not minimum wage jobs. They are not even $15-an-hour jobs. They are not even $30-an-hour jobs. They $45-an-hour jobs,” proving that the oil pipeline would dramatically improve the nation’s economy (Should Congress Vote To Authorize Construction Of The Keystone Pipeline?). Together, with the creation of jobs, is the tremendous upsurge in revenue. Earnings come from tax revenues from TransCanada and income taxes from the thousands of jobs create by this pipeline. An estimate, from the State Department environmental review, states, “that building the pipeline would contribute about $3.4 billion to the American economy,” (Davenport). The taxes collected from TransCanada from 2010 to 2014 totals $186.4 million and will only increase with the addition to the pipeline. It is discernible that the United States will only gain money from the Keystone pipeline, not lose money. TransCanada would fund, “construct, own, and operate the proposed pipeline,” leaving the U.S. government to collect the profits (Levitt). Financing for the pipeline became available when President Obama “placed the approval for the pipeline on the back burner” and TransCanada has “been able to save up enough cash to fund and build the Keystone outright,”
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