The Kid Nobody Could Handle By Kurt Vonnegut

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What can be considered “good writing” varies with context. Qualities that make research papers well written are different from the qualities that make good short stories. In the short story writing community, writers have a small amount of time and space to communicate. Kurt Vonnegut’s story “The Kid Nobody Could Handle” in his book Welcome To The Monkey House exemplifies good writing because within its brevity it packs potent emotional impact. “The Kid Nobody Could Handle” is written with a pacing that pulses to multiple climaxes, a prose that indulges in just the right amount of metaphors, and a story arc that leaves the reader in the sweet bliss of a moral realized. Part of making an emotional impact on the reader is having appropriate pacing. “The Kid Nobody Could Handle” plays into this with artful gusto, rising to multiple mini-crescendos in its short thirteen pages. It builds tension to a climax then releases just a bit before building more tension only to release again before reaching its apex, then winding down with the emotional release of a lesson learned. “The Kid Nobody Could Handle” starts by introducing its three main characters, quickly laying out their personalities through descriptive words and character dialogue. The axis of our story spins around Helmholtz, a good hearted high school band teacher, and tension builds immediately as we meet Quinn, the diner owner, a character who in the story’s past has slighted our leading character in a business deal, and

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