The Killed Man Was Not High On Adrenaline

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The canister bounced and tumbled along the road ahead of them, then came the sound of a second, and a third. Bright flashes from behind. A cloud of white smoke swirling around their legs thickened quickly into a blinding wall as they ran on. His throat had constricted and he started to cough. He was choking as he realized Penny 's hand was no longer in his. Stumbling onwards with tears streaming, he collided heavily with the stonework of a wall and sank down into a crouch to rub at his stinging eyes. “Storm!” Her hand reached down. He managed to catch a glimpse of her hair. Penny pulled him up and he followed behind, blind to what was happening around them. People ran by, pushing past them, tripping and tumbling over one another. Two…show more content…
He dropped his shoulder and spun around fast on his feet, twisting out of the policeman 's grasp. There were shouted threats from the officer, the words he could not make out, but he kept running until he caught up to Penny. They kept running, never daring to look back. They ran through clouds of gas, bumping past clutches of the blinded until they came to a stop at the top of some steps. The familiar large pavement stones under her feet. The blue and white flags flapping wildly on the high poles above. Penny recognized they were in Martin 's Place, the main pedestrian thoroughfare through the city’s central business district. She felt strangely relieved. Turning a corner, they found themselves among office workers and shoppers with stunned expressions, attempting to process what was happening a block away from them as they hurried down the footpaths to safety. The police vans. The choking gas, blowing through the side streets. The deafening blasts of stun grenades echoing off the towers. Distant screams. The dark flitting shadows of silent helicopters overhead. In the streets below, pedestrians wanting no part of the protest hurried to escape the chaos. She pulled at Storm’s arm. “There 's a mall this way!” Turning a corner, they entered a cafe empty of people apart from the man behind the counter regarding them both with a nod of acknowledgment and a gaze of suspicion. He did not bother to offer any service. They could see the street through the glass windows of
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