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The Killer Angels Mine eyes have seen the glory . . . The spy was the first to see the Union army march through the valley. He noted that the army was moving fast and marching in extreme heat. His intentions now were to return and report this information to the General Robert E. Lee. Lieutenant General James Longstreet received him back at camp, and the spy let him know of the information, which he had obtained. Longstreet found it useful information to pass on to Lee. Both Lee and Longstreet were skeptical of this information, but if the spy was right they would be in extreme danger. After viewing the map, Lee decided to go ahead and move his army towards Gettysburg, which would be the direction in which the Union army would…show more content…
All he needed to do was hold the hill till morning when reinforcements would arrive.
Wednesday, July 1st, 1863 . . . of the coming of the Lord On this morning Lee spoke with Longstreet, about how he would like for him to stay behind in the battle so that he would not lose him. Longstreet agreed but also brought notice to Lee about the Union cavalry was already in Gettysburg. Lee was caught by surprise; being told earlier that only militia was seen there. Lee reported that it was John Buford, and that infantry was soon to come if the cavalry was already there. Longstreet thought of taking the defensive end and waiting for Buford to attack. Lee on the other hand disagreed with the defensive tactic and wanted to attack Buford. Of course Lee was above Longstreet and would get his way. Buford woke in the morning only to smile and smirk as he heard General Heth's men trying to put up a fight and take his hill. He was not worried of Heth, but worried of what was to arrive behind Heth. Buford knew that if Lee were to arrive and attack, then he would lose the battle and also the hill on which he stood. Major General Reynolds arrived shortly after the battles that were going on that morning. Buford was very glad to see him and his infantry. Later that day in another short battle, Buford caught a glimpse of Reynolds as he rode into battle, only to later turn and see Reynolds dead on the ground. The battle still

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