The Killing Of Mr. Evan Meares

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The Killing of Mr. Evan Meares It was the midst of day, June 30, 20--; an ill-pleasuring mess had been proposed to the police of Detroit. The corpse of an old, clumsy, joke of a gentlemen, found covered in newspaper dumped into a dumpster. The corpse was dismantled, mangled, and at the same time of many other killings. The detective, Ms. Liu, immediately concluded the cause of death and the murder weapon. Mr. Meares, few liked this man, as he was a perfect example of a peasant; no wonder one would have killed him… but who? The remains of the “man” was taken to be analyzed: scanned for fingerprints, and have an autopsy conducted. As for the scene, blood scattered all over, and bloody newspaper scattered around. Who committed the crime?…show more content…
Police arrived at his house an hour later. “What are you doing?! Why are you arresting me?!” Talreja shouted as he was taken into custody. He was taken to an interrogation room of the Detroit Police. There he was vigorously questioned. Once questioned about the murder, he claimed that he was not involved in the murder. At first, the interrogator didn’t believe him, as one set of fingerprints on the body were identical to his. But Alex insisted he had nothing to do with the killing, so he was asked to complete a polygraph test to prove his innocence. Just as he had said, he was the truth about not being involved, but when questioned about knowing anything about the murder, he was hesitant to answer. After a few seconds of silence, he firmly answered no. He was lying. He was furthermore questioned about knowing anything of the murder; motives, suspects, and accomplices. An hour passed of rigorous questioning, and yet, he still didn’t admit anything. “We know he’s hiding something,” Said Detective Liu, “but what?” Another hour passed of questioning, but this time, he cracked. He admitted to knowing a possible suspect: his identical twin brother, Lucas Talreja. Lucas was soon found and brought to the same interrogation room. Just like his brother, he was questioned, but admitted he committed the murder. Unlike his brother, he was kept in captivity until further investigation resumed. While in captivity, Talreja was able to
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