Marylin From 'The Kind Of Friends We Used To Be'

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The Kind of Friends We Used to Be

*In The Kind of Friends We Used to Be, there are two main characters, Kate and Marylin, but I’m just going to do Marylin for the parts where information about only a single character is needed.

Marylin is a cheerleader who cares too much about makeup and her hair. “Marylin was now a middle-school cheerleader and cared too much about her hair… she was a big believer that life could be just the way it looked in girls’ magazines, where you and all your Best Friends Forever got together before school started and made crafty decorations for your lockers and traded fingernail polish tips... Marylin believed that life could be sparkly all the time... It just took a little extra work and
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“Marylin turned and looked at Kate. ‘Do you ever miss it? Being all-the-time friends, like we used to be?’ Kate thought about this… What she said was, ‘Yeah, I miss it.’ And then Marylin laid her head on Kate’s shoulder for a second, and Kate did everything she could not to cry.” (pgs 156-157) This shows that they really do want to still be friends, but it’s not that easy. Throughout the book, everything that Marylin and Kate do to try and be friends again just pushes them further apart. It’s as if for every step they take, they must then take two steps backwards. Their differences are what creates this conflict. They are polar opposites, which just makes it that much harder for them to get along.
1) Guitar- This word is important because Kate becomes obsessed with the idea of learning how to play the guitar. denotative- a musical instrument connotative- electric or acoustic; used in all different kinds of music
2) Shoes- This word is important because for Kate to become a guitar player, she needs to have the perfect shoes. “When Kate decided to play the guitar, she realized she would need new shoes… All her life, she had worn gym shoes, running shoes, soccer cleats, hiking boots, and red Chuck Taylor high-tops, whatever kind of sports shoe made the most sense at the time… But as a future guitar player, Kate had new wardrobe responsibilities.” (pg 1) She is obsessed with
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