The Kindness of Strangers Research Paper

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In the article “The Kindness Of Strangers”, the author, Levine (2006/2007) writes of the helpfulness of strangers. He does extensive research and also performs experiments. He found that in some places of the world people were more likely to help people they do not know than in other places. He explains that environment, socialization, and economics affects how willing people are to help. Levine (2006/2007) uses economics the most through his article. He does this, because experiments showed that people who are poor are more than likely going to help someone in need. The reason for poorer communities being more helpful is because, to them social interactions are more important then their own achievements. Usually they aren’t very…show more content…
He has never forgiven New York for that. He shows it by not giving New Yorkers credit for the dropped pen experiment because they yelled to him that he dropped then pen. His opinion is that its not a kind way of doing it. Of course in New York, most would go with the safe way, and still be as helpful as they can be. Another biased I noticed was the fact that he made excuses for people in other cities around the world not making change for a quarter. For whatever reasons they were he deemed them acceptable and took out those experiments. The same way New Yorkers have their reason for helping in certain ways like yelling to someone, it should be deemed acceptable as well. One research method used by Levine (2006/2007) is experimental. He went with his students all over the world to perform experiments like dropping a pen or faking an injury to see how much help he would receive. Experimental research specifies relationships between variables and generates quantitative data Macionis (2006/2007).

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