The Kindowm of God or Kingdom of Heaven

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The “Kingdom of God” or “Kingdom of Heaven” shows up one hundred and nineteen times in the New Testament (Arndt, 8). The Christian Church refers to the kingdom as the Kingdom of God. The kingdom can be interpreted in many ways ranging from it being a domain, a higher power, even being within us. Throughout its interpretations it is always described as being in the future and that it will be coming soon, we are in the already but not yet stage. Once the kingdom has arrived the end of the world will have come and judgment will be upon us, then the Son of Man will return to Heaven. The Kingdom of God is in the making so to speak, through God it continues to evolve. The righteous and unrighteous are presently living side by side but will be…show more content…
The parables, in Matthew 13, tell of the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus told the masses. Matthews’s story of the mustard seed is a little different than the other parables because it tells of growth rather than planting. It tells of how small the mustard seed was which represented the doubtful listeners who did not believe in this powerful kingdom that’s coming. These parables all had a commonality of which they were Jesus’ preaching’s of the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. The parable of the mustard seed could represent small beginnings and the plant in its final growth (Bailey, 452). This parable can be looked at as a growth period of the kingdom. It has to have a beginning which is the planting of the mustard seed; as it needs a growth period in the middle, and an end of tremendous growth. The mustard seed has been known to grow eight to twelve feet tall (Bailey, 454). With Jesus and the disciples spreading the word of this parable, the growth of the knowledge of the Kingdom of Heaven to the crowds increases. It will eventually be known worldwide, then everyone can experience the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven and either follow towards it or turn away. The mustard seed parable has been said to have been written for the Christian Church, from the gospel of Matthew (Bailey, 459). Its modern meanings are that: it stands for

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