The King, A Man With Broad Shoulders And A Muscular Build

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This morning, the king received word that a fire-snorting dragon was again terrorizing the countryside. It is scaring the people of his kingdom, and they want to leave their land. He summoned his legion of knights and advisors to the castle for a meeting. Once before the king sent the royal knights into the area, they tried to stop the giant lizard from roaming the lowlands and raising havoc in the kingdom. The knights, in their shiny armor, could not slay the animal. Only chase him back into the mountains. Should he return to the valleys and fields they would have no option, but to slay him. The king, a tall man with broad shoulders and a muscular build, is a respected leader on or off the battlefield. He ordered the tables in the grand ballroom, pushed together to form a square letter U. The knights and advisers will be sitting on the outside of the tables. The king, wearing his blue robe with the royal crest, will walk back and forth on the inside of the tables. Looking troubled, the king rested his right hand on the handle of his sword. As he walked by looking at the people sitting on the other side of the table, he would, from time to time stroke his white beard with his left hand. With a stern and demanding look on his face, the king made eye contact with each person sitting on the other side of the table as he walked by. Stopping when he got to Titus, the king looked the boy for a moment, and then started to walk away. Stopping as he turned to look at the

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