The King James Bible Remains The Most Significant Book

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The King James Bible remains the most significant book of all English literature to date, however, a substantial part of the population appears to be ignorant of the history of Bible translation. In this essay, the reader will go through some of the principal names in the history of Bible translation. Particularly important questions will be answered such as, “What are the consequences that ran upwards to the translation of these texts?” “What are the pros and cons of this translation?”, in addition “Is this translation an accurate report of what the original authors wrote?” By the end of this essay, the reader will possess a universal understanding of the development of Christianity’s beloved translation of The Bible. If one is to…show more content…
He became a chaplain in the house of Sir John Walsh in 1521. He had studied at both Oxford and Cambridge and was a strong supporter of the movement for reform in the Church, he thought the Bible should be accessible to everyone, not just the choice few who could understand it in Latin. While knowing that it was illegal for him to translate the Bible into English he went into hiding: with the help of Humphrey Monmouth, a merchant of sorts, he left England under an assumed name and landed in Hamburg in 1524. He hoped to continue working on his translation and he sought help from Martin Luther at Wittenberg. About a year after his New Testament was complete copies were being trafficked into England. Tyndale was branded a Heretic by the Roman Catholic Church and he began translating the Old Testament into English from the original Hebrew. Tyndale remained unable to finish the translation subsequently he was deceived by a friend named Henry Phillips. Tyndale was tried and convicted of treason and heresy, on October 6th, 1536 he was strangled, then burned at the stake for his efforts. His final words were "Lord, open the King of England 's eyes." Several other translations were written after Tyndale’s one published in 1535 a year before Tyndale’s death called the “Coverdale Bible” written

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