The King James Version Of The Bible

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“And Joseph found grace in His sight, and he served Him, and made him overseer over his house, and all that he had put into his hand” (Genesis 39:4). This is only one example of the many in the King James Version of The Bible, that tells one who Joseph really was. Joseph was only 17 years old when he was introduced in the Bible. Joseph, was his father’s favorite out of all his brothers, he knew it-and so did they. He received a coat of many colors, which back in this time period everyone had coats; however, the coat given to Joseph was ankle length and in beautiful colors (meaning royalty). The coat, according to the Bible, was given to Joseph by his father to make him stand out and be praised by his father a little more. Even though he was “praised” a little more than all of his brothers he remained humble and did not think himself higher. His personality was naturally down-to-earth and as we say today, he “did not have a big head”. So the author of the Bible really wants us to realize in the book of Genesis that the character Joseph is a very humble, faithful, prosperous, and forgiving man. The reasons he grew to be such a wonderful person and character with much charm was because of his humble and faithful personality. With his mindset, he indeed went a long way in the life he lived for Jesus. A man like Joseph is what a world in today’s time period needs more of. For example, he lived a pure life, so in other words his life was truly devoted to Jesus that way he could
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