The King Of The Jungle

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The king of the jungle, running after his prey. He is quite hungry and needs to feed his family. While he isn’t hunting, he is playing with his cubs, teaching them how to walk, hunt and swim. He isn’t thirsty for blood, but he isn’t trying to achieve the “Most Gracious, Kind and Loving Animal in the Jungle” award. Humans are quite similar. They are not born naturally good or bad. If you put an infant in the middle of the woods and let it grow up, it wouldn’t naturally have the desire to support third world countries or go on a killing spree. Although, if that 's what it took to survive, that is what it would do. Humans are animals. Our job is to live and to create offspring. Almost all living organisms natural instinct is survival. Survival is neither good nor bad but could lead to either a good or bad circumstance. For example, the lion needs to kill a gazelle to feed himself not because he is thirsty to kill. If a human approached this creature, yes, it would probably attack, but only because it felt threatened and that it may not survive the encounter. A human would do the same. It would kill because it needed to or felt it needed to in order to survive. Many factors could influence whether a human is pushed toward the “good” or “bad” side. For example, a human living on its own for its entire life would not be taught anything by its parent, so it would not be influenced by his or her teachings and ideas. If a jewel thief had a child and taught him the way of thievery,
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