The King Speech: The Story of King George VI

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During early childhood a few aspects of the child’s abilities to learn and inhibit speech is very crucial. Having a speech impediment can be caused by the lack of the influential role of the parents during their linguistic phase of their development. The King’s Speech is the story of King George VI (Bertie’s) struggle to overcome his speech impediment and become the king that no one believed he could be. In the beginning, Bertie is known as the Duke of York, he works with many different speech therapists to help him with his stammering, all being unsuccessful. It is Bertie’s wife, the Duchess of York who finds Doctor Lionel Logue. Lionel is a bit unorthodox in his techniques such as having his patients sing, listen to loud music through headphones while reading aloud, and encouraging them to curse while speaking. Bertie becomes frustrated when he thinks nothing is working so he gives up on the first day with Lionel. It is not until he listens to the recording of himself speaking perfectly that he realizes Lionel can help him. With the help of Lionel’s unorthodox therapy Bertie becomes able to speak to his county in their time of need and gains a lifelong friend.
One of the theories of language learning is that a child needs to be taught so in the movie Bertie tells the therapist that his stammering began around age five. This shows that the years before, no one was teaching him the correct way to talk. He does not have His mother was not around much and his father King

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