The King : The Great King

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Walking up to the throne to where the mighty king sat, he bowed, however, reluctantly. His respect for King Menolisius and his House, Sinburg, had already been destroyed long ago.

Even his late father was not fond of the power-hungry king.

"Astrid, how wonderful to see you," the king said sarcastically, forcing a fake smile upon his disturbing face.

"Come, have a seat."

Prince Astrid slowly walked up to the throne beside him, seating himself down carefully. Menolisius's eyes were fixed on him and his every movement, which Astrid was very aware of, but tried to ignore.

It was quite creepy, but Astrid kept his posture, and did not return eye contact with the man.

"Why have you come to my throne?" The
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"If you refuse to follow me, what will you do? Where will you stand during the war? What prince goes against his own homeland?"

"I will not follow you, nor will I ever stand by you. But I do not wish to fight against my own people. The only reason why I have not fled to the other side is because of my duty as a prince. I do not wish to spill the blood of my kin, but I do not stand by this." Said Astrid firmly, not looking at the king.

"That is treachery at its finest. Wait until the people hear that dear Prince Astrid has betrayed them. How terrible indeed," King Menolisius said in a sarcastically saddened tone.

"Believe me when I say I would gladly give up my life to the service of my people, but I repeat, I cannot stand beside what I think is wrong." Astrid stated without any fear.

"You are brave indeed..." The king said in a lowered voice.

"Will you go to fight on the other side? Will you fight against your own kin? Will you spill the blood of your beloved people whom you swore you loved above all else?!" The king raised his voice in a fit of rage. But he calmed himself down, and allowed for Astrid to speak.

However, the king's last line broke his heart, and left him in a harder dilemma. He would in fact be betraying his people by fighting against them. But the thought of spilling the blood of his own kin overwhelmed him.

"I would rather

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