The King of the Savannah is Becoming Extinct

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The king of the Savannah is slowly starting to become extinct. The African Lion becoming extinct does not sound like such a big deal to some people here in the United States of America, but it affects every one in Africa (and Asia) as a whole. These big animals are becoming extinct mostly because of human involvement. If these animals were to become extinct it can cause a giant boom in the herbivore population which can cause a drop in vegetation that is available for humans and the animals that are in need. It is a chain reaction that effects everyone that is involved. Where as, African Lions are at the head of the food chain; when the leader of the food chain is then knocked off, it could gravely affect other important species that depend on the lion. But there are plenty of alternative solutions that could be used to help these African Lions. Lions of certain ages help ensure that the African lion can continue breeding. There are so many different options but there are the fantastic three that have the best chance of saving these majestic creatures of the Sahara. Instead of small fences, we can start raising money to create a large reserve so that the lions can roam freely and comfortably as they please to. The African Lions would be far away from any harmful human contact. And another way that would benefit the lions, is the basic education about them. Then more people can have the basic knowledge about the different aspects of the lion, such as; how to deal with them

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