The King 's Speech Analysis

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Basic Information The King’s Speech was released in the United States in 2010 with its world premiere September 6, 2010, at the Telluride Film Festival in the United States according to The movie was produced by See-Saw Films, Weinstein Company, The UK Film Council, Momentum Pictures, Aegis Film Fund, Molinare Investment, Film Nation Entertainment, and Bedlam Productions. The director Tom Hooper won the Best Director Academy Award for this movie. David Seidler who also overcame a stammer wrote the film. Colin Firth plays the main character King George VI. Helena Bonham Carter plays his wife, Queen Elizabeth. Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue, the speech therapist, helping King George overcome a stammer. A theme of the…show more content…
He speculates after he is dead, David (Edward VIII) will ruin himself in 12 months. His father is impatient with him and barks at him to relax, take his time, and do it! Bertie later plays the recording given to him by Lionel and hears the flawless reading. The next scene Bertie and Elizabeth are back in Lionel’s office to negotiate his treatment. They ask Lionel to concentrate on the mechanics of the stammer and avoid “personal nonsense”. Lionel disagrees and says dealing with the mechanics is only dealing with the surface of the problem. Bertie asks Lionel to assist with minor events and they arrange to meet every day. Lionel uses unexpected techniques and after revealing some of his childhood pressures they develop a friendship. The film shows several exercises and speeches with the King and jumps ahead to 1936. King George the V is dying and both Bertie and David have been summoned to their father. David complains that his father dying complicates things with is mistress, Miss Wallace Simpson. He makes his mother’s guest wait for dinner while he is on the phone with his mistress. King George V dies that night and Edward VIII becomes King, he says “now I’m trapped”. Bertie meets with Lionel and opens up about the passing of his father and reveals intimate details of his life. He tells that his father’s last words were “Bertie has more guts than the rest of his brothers put together”. Additionally,
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