The Kingdom : Movie, Beauty And The Beast

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There Is a Right Time and a Right Way to Do Things A few weeks before summer ended, a movie called Descendants, a new film by Disney, would be coming out soon. The story centers around the exiled children of defeated villains who are invited by the son of King Beast and Queen Belle, from the movie Beauty and The Beast, to attend a prep school with the children of Disney heroes. However, the main reason that these four teens’ parents allow them to go is because of their secret intentions. They are supposed to steal a cherished, magic wand that could either lead to the salvation or the destruction of the kingdom. Soon after discovering that their classmates and the citizens of the kingdom are not as bad as they were led to believe by…show more content…
Both Robert Louis Stevenson and Bram Stoker convey the same idea--even the wicked know when to do what is right--by their similar use in expressing that mental illness doesn’t get in the way of their characters, Renfield’s and Mr.Jekyll’s, humanity. For example, Stoker shows this in the confrontation between Renfield and Dracula when he says, “it made me mad to know that he had been taking the life out of when he came to-night I was ready for him. I saw the mist stealing in and I grabbed it tight...I held tight; and I thought I was going to win, for I didn’t mean him to take any more of her blood” (269). When Renfield sees the condition Mina is in, after having inviting Dracula into the asylum for the first time, he discovers Dracula’s secret intentions of harming her. He then plans on locking him out of the asylum by using what he mentions as his “madman power”, which is unnatural strength madmen have. The author portrays Renfield as a wicked man who only cares about his own well-being; however, defies this characteristic by caring about Mina’s safety and trying his best to protect her. Like Renfield, Stevenson’s Dr.Jekyll also struggles with a mental illness, and he chooses to deal with this by avoiding his hidden desires, which, for once, causes him to stop thinking about himself but of those around him and how they would be impacted by his illness. This is shown when Dr. Jekyll says,
I was slowly losing hold of my original and better self, and becoming
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