The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most centralized countries in the Middle East. Known for its abundant oil supply, desert land, and strict adherence to Islam, Saudi Arabia is a culture that is very different from those of Western nations. Analyzing the national and business culture can prepare a Westerner for working in Saudi Arabia and help them avoid intercultural conflict.
In 1932, King Abd-al-Aziz established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Though he passed away in 1953, the monarchy continued through his sons. The Kingdom is located in the Middle East, with the Persian Gulf to the East and the Red Sea to the West. At 2,149,690 km2 it is the 13th biggest country in the world. Its location provides it with strong shipping capabilities – particularly for oil – through use of the Gulf and the Suez Canal. The land is mostly uninhabited with dry sandy deserts, plateaus and mountains which are subject to extreme hot weather. Possessing much of the world’s oil reserves, the country’s culture has been shaped by this industry. The country also has large natural gas reserves, and deposits of copper, gold, and iron.
The population consists of 90% Arabs and 10% Afro-Asians. Its population is approximately 27.3 million, of which 30% (8 million) are immigrants. In terms of age structure, more than 60% of the population is aged between 15-54 years old (Appendix 11.1). The life expectancy at birth is 74.82 years, and the literacy rate for males and females is 90.8% and
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