The Kingdom of God and Missions

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Missions have always revolved around Christians reaching out to others and living out their lives to glorify God. Jesus displayed this evangelical mission throughout his ministry in the early church when he was living with the disciples. Through reading different articles I have discovered that the new emerging church in the postmodern context has a kingdom view of missions. The kingdom of God is the key to missions which is portrayed in the early church and in Jesus ministry; it is also an evident necessity in recent emerging churches in postmodern context, and reveals itself through ministries that serve to help the needy. According to Mark Beach, the kingdom of God (or heaven) consists of Jesus’ preaching. During Jesus’ ministry it…show more content…
God designed the church to be an integral part of reaching the world with his truth. Therefore there can be a lot of discussion about the topic of the Kingdom of God and missions. Throughout American culture today, people are either uncomfortable attending church due to hard circumstances or knowledge of the church. The people who attend church are uncomfortable find it difficult to reach those outside of the “walls” of the building. There has always been a Christian cliché which reminds people that the church is more than just an institution but rather a body of believers. Therefore there is a new movement that people are trying to meet in different avenues and not buildings. People try to escape this “institutionalized” aspect of going to church and trying to encounter his kingdom in different ways. I believe that this could be effective in different places, yet I think that the church still needs to come together in unity to become more effective for the kingdom and be able to live on mission. One quote from Marcel Proust that spoke on this issue says that, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. There needs to be a new perspective or change of the lens that people are looking through when they view the church. Christians need to overcome their bias and personal offenses in order to come together with other Christians and help fulfill God’s purposes of the kingdom. When Christians become kingdom focused and
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