The Kingdom of Heaven

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The Kingdom of Heaven The plot of this movie can be very well defined as a romantic quest for what is right and just in the world at that time. The film starts off in the early 12th century with a blacksmith called Balian of Ibelin (who is actually an artificier, or military engineer) that has just lost his wife to suicide and is given the chance to go to the Holy Land to seek forgiveness for her sin by his long lost father Godfrey of Ibelin. This becomes his secondary goal upon arriving in Jerusalem because soon after the start of their journey, Balian's father dies and passes on his legacy to Balian making him the new Baron of Ibelin. With the title comes the duty of defending Jerusalem in the name of the king and at the same time…show more content…
In fact, it is said that when Guy failed to attack the Muslims in 1183, Baldwin went into a fit of anger because he wanted them all dead. The movie makes it seem as though Baldwin wanted to keep peace between the two groups but that was not true because really, he could not stand the Muslims and would do almost anything to keep the Holy Land out of their hands. When it comes to Saladin, the film makes it seem as though he was a man of tolerance and respect when in reality, he took pleasure in watching the decapitation of hundreds of christen soldiers and civilians alike. Through out his time as ruler of the Muslims, Saladin Preached jihad(or holy war) on the Christians and made it very clear that his goal was to take Jerusalem by force and kill all of the people living behind the walls and on the surrounding lands. Saladin as he is portrayed in the film is a man who chooses to work together with the Christians to try to find a reasonable balance between groups and holds them in high regard to himself.6 This is very far from any kind of truth at all. I believe that this was such a big deal for groups when the movie came out because the film made it seem as though both men wanted a somewhat peaceful solution to obtaining what they desired when in fact, that was the last thing they wanted. Both men were very respectable from what I can tell, but

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