The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Introduction In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this is the most exciting era regarding medical genetics, where programs based on genetic counseling are widely spread amongst the region. Concerned about the fact that conceiving a genetically defected child in the Kingdom has become a common case amongst many families; many have shown interest towards this subject and has accepted genetic counseling the best and the most accurate method to detect genetic defects in premarital and prenatal stages. Amongst the most common characteristics of Arab societies, which have various effects on the genetic sequence of the people within the Arabic region, are the early marriages, intermarriage, and the continuation of having children until menopause.…show more content…
In addition, early diagnosis aims to make the option of aborting the fetus available before birth. We can address the issue by asking the following question which is, why and for whom should these genetic tests be conducted for? As an answer for the question at hand, we address that early detection of a genetic defect or mutation means the possibility of preventive measures [2]. Also we would suggest that genetic testing should be done only on a voluntary basis, fully informed, and under complete confidentiality and security. Furthermore, the results of genetic tests have the potential to cause great anxiety, and some people would argue that they have a right not to know about their genetic condition. Nevertheless, such diseases commonly affect the people who are surrounding the individual with such diseases and disorders as well. Also, if an individual has a genetic mutation or defect, which might suspect that other siblings in the same family might have a great possibility of attaining the same defect or mutation, or they could be carriers for the defect [3]. In my point of view, genetic counseling is an essential program which should be integrated within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially with the huge evolution that the country is passing through, despite the modern ideology adopted by the youth who tend to follow traditional views when it comes to matrimony.
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