The Kingdoms Of Day And Night

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The Kingdoms of Day and Night It would seem the people did not understand the urgency of the situation, the years of history and development of the kingdom was under siege and they were only moments away from obliteration. Still they continued to walk along the gravel roads, seemingly unaware of the looming phantom of absolute destruction that shrouded itself within the unsuspecting crossroads that divided the city. It was not your typical tale of two cities, in fact to call these two cities was an insult to the efforts that were taken to distinguish these two powerful kingdoms, distinguishable factors that could only be ascertained from within as any third party who were to travel between the two mighty nations would believe them to be one in the same. Only through distinctive circumstance could the kingdoms be perceived as separate, even their oblivious gravel roads and the people who strolled along them were strikingly similar The aforementioned circumstances were manifested solely from a traveler 's interaction with the two kingdoms, the sense of hospitality and the lack thereof was what segmented them as if they were kingdoms of night and day. Hospitality was the key to the Kingdom of the Sun while intimidation and exploitation was the driving force behind the Kingdom of the Silver Sky. The Kingdom of the Sun was born when a star of fire fell from the heavens, the heat of the star was so immense that it decimated the valleys and greenery for a radius of 1,000,000

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