The Kings Speech By Colin Firth

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The Kings speech is a movie made in 2010 depicting King George VI‘s sudden usurping to the throne of Great Britain and his personal turbulent anxious battle to overcome his debilitating stammer that had plagued him for all of his adult life. As part of his duty as King, George VI would need to address the public with speeches in person and via radio, something that he found excruciatingly difficult and crippling to do due to his stammer. Throughout the movie, Colin Firth, the actor who depicts the future king, portrays the internal, physical, psychological and social hurdles people who stutter face daily. Many times during the movie you experience the king 's anger, pain, humiliation and self-doubt about his abilities as he stutters.…show more content…
Unfortunately, the technology didn’t allow Bertie to pre-record his radio broadcasts, as would most certainly be the case for the generations and future king/queens that followed him. When he gave an address to the nation, it was to be done through a live microphone, something that would be without editing, a terrifying anguish for someone with a stammer. The cruel hand of irony did not stop there. Because several doctors had told him that cigarettes would help with his stammer, George VI smoked continually – he subsequently died of lung cancer at the age of 56 in 1952. And perhaps the greatest irony in all this is? This exposed, sensitive and stammering king proved to be exactly the right man for the role of King of England at exactly the right time. Lionel Logue was an eccentric Australian working class man, not a ‘traditional therapist’ as Bertie (the name King George VI is affectionately referred to in the movie) has been used to seeing, Logue had no specialised training to work as a therapist, he gained his experience working with soldiers returning from the trenches who were suffering with mutism due to shell shock. Working closely with the soldiers gave Logue a greater understanding of the psychological aspects of communication, something that he puts to great use in his therapy. He uses various techniques such as Elocution exercises, Psychoanalytic therapy including Freudian talking cure, releasing repressed anger
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