The Kiss

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There are several different works called The Kiss, created by different artists. Auguste Rodin, Constatin Brancusi, and Gustav Klimt all have their own version of the work. While Rodin and Brancusi created a sculpture, Klimt created a painting. These artists conveyed many different emotions for their viewers to perceive. These works of art also have several things in common. It is important to learn about each artist in order to learn the ideas and thoughts that come from their works. Auguste Rodin was French sculptor, known to be innovative and to put much spiritual and emotional depth into his works. He lived from November 12, 1840 until November 17, 1917.He was considered to be a realist and the originator of modern sculpture. Rodin…show more content…
Klimt’s purpose of the painting is known to show a kiss in an erotic way, with much details, while Brancusi’s sculpture is simple and to the point, expressing the idea of love. Gustav Klimt, a member of the Vienna Secession movement, was an Austrian painter known as a symbolist. Gustav Klimt trained at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts as an architectural painter from 1876 until 1883. His talent was shown at a very early age. He primarily produced paintings, murals, and sketches in which he continuously focused on the female body. Klimt was known to have an obsession with women, especially red heads. Many of his paintings have a hidden sexual meaning. Klimt steered away from traditional allegory and symbolism. His painting “The Kiss” is from his prominent ‘Golden Phase’ which was known for its success. During this period he often used gold leaf. He began working on one of his most famous paintings, The Kiss, in 1907. Some of the mediums used were oil pant and gold leaf on an oil canvas, 180x180cm.The use of gold leaf has links to both the Bronze Age art and Western Art from the use of spiral patterns and decorative tendrils. In this painting, he depicts a couple embracing covered in elaborately decorated robes in a field of flowers. The mans robe is gold, covered black, white, and red rectangles and circles. The woman is wearing a dress with different sized
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