The Kite Maker

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Ruskin Bond (1934-1974)
About t6he author Ruskin Bond is a famous journalist and short story writer. He was born at Ksauli, Himachal Pradesh in 1934. he won the john Llewelllyn Rhys Prize for his first novel ‘Room on the Roof’ in 1957. Ruskin Bond has Published a number of books including. My First Love and Other Stories (1974). The present story the Kite Maker is a fine example of Bond’s excellence as a short story writer.
About the lesson In this short story Ruskin Bond describes the
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Now everyone hurried, hurried in a heat of hope, and delicate things like kites and daydreams were trampled underfoot. Mahmood, the kite maker, had been well known throughout the city in the prime of his life. Some of his more elaborate kites sold for as much as three or four rupees. At the request of the Nawab he had once made a very special kind of kite, unlike any that had been seen in the cistrict. It consisted of a series of small, very light paper discs, trailing on sa thin bamboo frame. To the extremity of each disc he tied a sprig of grass for balance. The surface of the foremost disc was slightly convex, and a fantastic face was painted on it, with the two eyes made of small mirrors. The discs, decreasing in size from head to tail, gave the kite the appearance of an crawling serpent. It required great skill to raise this cumbersome device from the ground, and only Mahmood could manage it.
Everyone had, of course, heard of the ‘dragon kite’ that Mahmoood had built; and word went round that it possessed supernatural powers. A large crowd assembled on the maidan to watch its first public launching in the presence of the Nawab. At the first attempt it did not budge from the ground. The disc made a plaintive, pr5otesting sound, and the sun was trapped in the little mirrors, making the kite a living, complaining creature. Then the wind came from the right direction and the dragon kite

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