The Kite Runner Analysis

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The Kite Runner is about a boy named Amir, who grows up in the more privileged side of Kabul, Afghanistan. He lives with his father Baba, his mother died when Amir was born, and his servants Ali and his son Hassan whose mother had ran off as soon as he was born. The story starts out with Amir and Hassan, who are childhood friends who fed from the same mother when they were little because they had both lost their moms, this made them even closer. Hassan is a Hazara, a minority typically looked down on in Afghanistan, this leads to lots of harassment from other kids. One kid in particular who doesn’t like Hassan and Amir hanging out is Assef. At one point he threatens Amir for hanging out with a Hazara, Hassan then threatens him with a slingshot to the eye and shuts the whole thing down. During all this the political side of life starts to change. The king of Afghanistan is overthrown, which starts the inevitable war ahead of them. Next in the novel is the Kite Fighting Tournament, it’s when kids join from all across Afghanistan with paper kites. The string is covered in glass so you can cut other strings, the last kite standing wins. Hassan and Amir are very skilled in this tournament, but Hassan is especially good at going after the kites that get cut. During this tournament they win, Amir cuts the last kite and Hassan goes after it. Hassan, as he finds the kite is faced with Assef, who wants the kite. Hassan refuses to give it to him, as he promised Amir he’d get that kite
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