The Kite Runner And The Animal Farm

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Good morning viewers, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to the Iheart radio of books analysis represent through speaking of it oppression. As part of our weekly program, the theme of our literature analysis is oppression. Oppression is defined as a situation in which people are governed in an unfair and cruel way and prevented from having oppurnities and freedom it also can be in a situation way a particular powerful person is oppressing a particular person with less power. For those who are involve in a society that the governed is are unfair and rule in a cruel way are known as the oppressed and those who are with the power and privilege are known as the oppressor. Oppression can be identified in many ways, they are gender oppression, race oppression, politic oppression, religion oppression and physical oppression. However today we will be discussing about physical oppression, ethnic oppression and religion oppression along with the political oppression. The two text we going examine as part of our literature program are the kite runner and the animal farm. Even though both book is composed of different story however it still mainly focus on political oppression and racial oppression. The similarities and difference between these two books on the knowledge of the oppression will be analysed. The literature can create a picture of the oppression in the reader mind and represent oppression through positioning them to reflect and view the convey oppression that the author
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