The Kite Runner By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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1. The Kite Runner portrayed numerous characters with flaws and turning points. The Protagonist Amir, he clearly faces a life changing turning point at the plot of the novel, desperate to seek redemption. Turning point in the novel, which changes his life. It seems he is desperate to seek redemption. The turning point for Amir in the novel was when Hassan went to go get Amir’s kite but he got himself into trouble with Assef and his friends. Hassan was brutally raped, while Amir choose to hide and watch, as Hassan through pain and agony. He (Hassan) was betrayed while his best friend who was loyal and brave and was always there for Amir when he needed him. Amir attempted to convince himself to not go and help because he thought he was not…show more content…
After the excitement of winning, Amir went looking for Hassan because he was gone for a long time. As Amir was looking for him in the alley he find Hassan but as with three other boys, Wali, Kamal, and Assef. Earlier in the novel, Amir and Hassan had run into with these three boys, where Assef was embarrassed, and this at this point was the perfect opportunity for revenge. Assef wanted to teach Hassan a lesson, therefore Assef rapes Hassan in an alleyway while Wali and Kamal watch. But to make situations worse, as Amir arrives, but Amir doesn 't have the guts to step forward for Hassan, so instead Amir watched in horror, along with Wali Kamal. During this scene, Hosseini uses a lot of imagery to portray the violence-taking place in the alley. He uses animals as an example to explain the moment between Assef and Hassan. Also Hosseini illustrates that the tension begins in the alley. It has been described as 'blind ', to show to the reader that there is no way for Hassan to escape, so Hassan is trapped. Also in other ways describing the situation just like prey being trapped by its predator. This part of the book leads to the whole book with guilt that Amir did not do anything with Hassan needed him the most, and betrayal. 3. The Protagonist in this story would be Amir Baba’s son and Hassan’s childhood best friend. Amir is a round character because he doesn’t stay as one person
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