The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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The author of The Kite Runner is an Afghan man named Khaled Hosseini. He was born in Kabul, Afghanistan on May 4, 1965. He wrote two other noteworthy novels one being world renowned like The Kite Runner. He writes his novels to enlighten readers about Afghanistan, his home, not simply defining it as war and terrorist but an actual place in the past filled with people and life. The Kite Runner is a Modernism novel. The 20th century brought changes to literature, starting to speak on politics and society. The Kite Runner poked at Afghan social standards a lot as it took place in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Fremont, California as well.
“Baba is wrestling the black bear…He looks up at me and I see. He’s me. I’m wrestling the bear.” This quote is from Amir in his hospital bedroom dream after he took a beating from Assef. After facing Assef, someone who is a reason why his past haunted him, he seemed to be free and courageous. His courage is being compared to his father’s Baba by Amir being Baba in the dream.
“For you a thousand times over!” said Hassan as he ran after the last kite fell in the kite tournament in Afghanistan. This is a significant quote representing Hassan’s loyalty to Amir. Both of them unknowing to what Assef will do to Hassan in the alley that he finds the kite.
One theme of the novel is “It is never too late to redeem oneself”. Rahim Khan called Amir to make up for his past more than a quarter century after what happened in that alley to Hassan, Amir

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