The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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Humans make mistakes but it is their choice to learn from these mistakes and move on with their lives, knowing they have become a better person. There is no easy way to get through life’s obstacles unless they overcome that little voice in their head;, it is their job to conquer it. Sometimes, they need to take a step outside of their head and look at the world around them because that’s how they will find their answer. In the novel “The Kite Runner”, Khaled Hosseini uses the symbols of the kites, literature, and the scars to show that Amir must overcome his cowardice and selfishness to achieve maturity and redemption. Hosseini uses the kites as a symbol throughout the novel to show Amir’s path to redemption and maturity from his cowardice and selfish acts through kite fighting, the tournament, and running the kite for Sohrab. Kite fighting is a well known tradition in Afghanistan. Every child looks forward to the wintertime to fight, fly and run kites. Amir wants to know what it is like to feel honourable and admirable. Amir and Hassan make a great team, “every kite fighter [has] an assistant---in [Amir’s] case, Hassan---who held the spool and fed the line” (Hosseini 54). Amir does everything he can to win this year’s kite fighting tournament and impress his father, Baba. He wants to hold in his hands, “the last fallen kite of [the] winter tournament” which is “the most coveted prize” (Hosseini 55). Hassan is Amir’s servant and playmate. He always defends and fights

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