The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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The first connections that one makes in life are often a result of pre-existing relationships of family members. It is most common that children growing up form their first friendships with fellow children of family friends. Khaled Hosseini’s prized novel, The Kite Runner, reveals the controversy that surrounds the relationship of two central characters, Amir and Hassan. Both have fathers who share a long history. Amir and Hassan grow up together and appear, on the surface, as close friends. Yet, there are various instances that foster doubt in regards to the authenticity of Amir’s feelings towards Hassan. For all intents and purposes, Hassan proves time and time again to be a faithful companion. Hosseini uses the veracity of Hassan’s side of their partnership to amplify the inadequacy of Amir’s misguided actions. Even before the crucial rape scene, factors of Amir and Hassan’s early friendship are revealed that certainly mark it as less than secure. For example, Amir grows up in the shadow of his father, who is a significant athlete in addition to being morally righteous. Amir comes to resent how Hassan often times fits Baba’s expectations better. This, in turn causes Amir to seek to exploit the societal advantages, such as literacy, that his heritage affords him. At the same time, Amir and Hassan continue to spend a majority of their time together, even after Amir abandons Hassan to spend time with other wealthy Pashtun children. It’s possible that Amir would have grown

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