The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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Redemption within Friendship In Islam, the pomegranate tree is a representation of beauty and it is said that those who eat from it will encounter a prosperous future. To contrast, Christians believe that the pomegranate tree embodies traits that are parallel to the end of the world. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini exemplifies the beauty as well as the inelegance of Amir and Hassan’s friendship through the symbol of the pomegranate tree. At the prosperous times of their friendship, the tree being lush and blooming paralleled their lives that were full of promise and companionship. As the novel progressed and their relationship soon diminished, the pomegranate tree was bare and failed to blossom corresponding with their non-existent friendship. The challenges of Amir and Hassan’s friendship contribute to the protagonist’s desire for redemption for the reason that Hassan’s adherence to Amir induces the protagonist’s resentment, Amir’s fear of external judgement creates a tense atmosphere, and finally their friendship is composed of themes that demonstrate their fluctuating relationship. Primarily, Hassan’s adherence to Amir induces the protagonist’s childhood resentment due to his best friend’s static presence and ever-present forgiveness. Due to the instance of Amir losing his innocence at a young age by viewing the rape of Hassan, several aspects of his life altered. This newly found resentment continued to be evident in Amir’s life when he provokes Hassan’s loyalty by
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