The Kite Runner Character Analysis

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In life there are people that you could judge like a book, but others are morally ambiguous where you don’t know the other side to that story.In the book The Kite Runner there are many characters that are morally ambiguous which means the appear something but there a complete opposite. The Kite runner by Khaled Hosseini is an adventure book with many different characters. Some of those character are morally ambiguous. Zaman is the chacheter I will be talking about is a middle aged man that has a family later on in the novel you get to meet him, he appears to be good. But soon to come you learn a dark thing he is doing. Although he tries to reason with his bad doing. A morally ambiguous character in the book is a person who might be perceived as good. But really they have done some bad things the reader doesn’t really know at first. A perfect character to fit that role is Zaman, the orphanage worker. When amir and Farid knock on this orphanage zaman was very nervous to open the door but he let them come in and they wanted to know if he knew where sohrab was. Zaman had a horrible secret about his knowledge for where sohrab was. Zaman explains to Amir “There is a Tailb official, He visits once every month or two. He bring cash with him, not a lot, but better than nothing at all” (Hosseini 256).What Zaman is saying to amir and farid is that he sells the children for little money so the orphanage can keep going. But as a reader this was a complete shock he was the director of
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