Inequality In Afghanistan

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This film was powerful. Illustrating many aspects of gender inequality in Afghanistan, this film communicated to me just how oppressed women are in these middle eastern countries and how drastic of devices they have to resort to in order to live a life worth living. It was truly moving. This film certainly changed my perception of what it is like to live in Afghanistan as a women. This film changed this perception in two way. The first of which is that this film exposed me to the rigor at which oppression is enforced particularly by the Taliban. I have always thought of the Taliban as a militant government group that pushed its oppressive agenda by way of force, but only on rare occasions. This film changed that as it showed how the Taliban…show more content…
Now I see that they feel it terribly therefore we must act. This film has convinced me we must do something. I must do something. The problem is I am just a drop in the large ocean of voices speaking of foreign issues. My voice is weak by itself but strong with others, that is why I can help these women by joining local social activist groups in my community and making our collective voices heard. The overall goal would be to pass legislation that would create education centers for women in Afghanistan because education is the first step to empowering women and leading them from oppression according to Nicholas Kristof. Overall this film was incredibly powerful and this movie reinforced some common themes in the general paper course, most significantly the prevalence of childhood marriage and the psychological torture that accompanies it which was touched upon in Nujood, “Yemen’s youngest Divorcee says father has squandered cash from her book” and “The Women’s Crusade.” Also the theme of male supremacy is underlining all pieces of literature. I am glad I was exposed to all the new ideas this communicated to
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