The Kite Runner Guilt Essay

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“No, Jack. No! No! Hold on!” Sara screamed too late. She had been strolling along the bridge with her friend Jack when he hit an uneven crack and stumbled over the edge. For the rest of his life, Jack was paralyzed because he fractured his spine. Sara could not come to terms with his injury and blamed herself for his paralysis. Even though she had nothing to do with his fall, she felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. Every night for three months, her mind would replay this incident. In her dreams the experience was the same except that she was the one who fell over the bridge instead of Jack. Eventually, once Sara confronted Jack about his fall and tried to apologize, he told her that it was all his fault and there was nothing she could have done to have changed the outcome. This conversation gave Sara the opportunity to address the cause of her guilt and continue to move forward in her life.
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