The Kite Runner - How Does the Environment Shape the Characters?

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The Kite Runner is a film based on the first novel of Khaled Hosseini, which was published in 2003 and became a bestseller, thus was translated to many different languages and spread around the world, becoming a discussion topic for quite a while. One of the reasons why this book is so rich and attractive is the variety of characters, which are all born in Afghanistan and spent at least most of their childhood there, but at the same time have different views, virtues and experience. And those characters, depending on the generation they belong to, are shaped by particular circumstances, political and historical events. To begin with, there could be 3 different generations outlined in the film and the two representatives of the “oldest”…show more content…
So after emigrating to the United States of America, Baba constantly lives with his memories of glorious years spent in Afghanistan and with the desire to come back to his motherland one day. Completely by different circumstances are the members of the middle generation shaped – Amir, Hassan and Assef. Their childhood covers the transitional part of Afghanistan’s 20-th century history. Of course, the boys are really different in nature, but Soviet occupation is what caused such different roads to be chosen by the three characters. And that huge change in their lives determined who they are going to grow into as adults. The first character Assef stayed in Afghanistan and some how adapted to the new political reality, which was actually quite suitable for his aggressive and sadistic-like character to develop. As a consequence Assef grew up from a bully of younger kids into a cruel and despotic member of the regime and continued to ruin lives of other people/ The second member of the middle generation Hassan also grew into an adult in Afghanistan. Although, his situation was completely different from the one that Assef had. All his life Hassan was pushed around and humiliated by others due to the fact that he is one of the Hazara descendants, who in Afghanistan are treated like none-humans. The constant fright helped him to become a strong man able to defend himself. However, in the end he was not able to defend himself and was killed

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