The Kite Runner Script

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 The Kite Runner Drama Assignment Improve of Chapter 15  Characters Amir – Michelle Marsha Rahim – Teresa Hassan – Renee (The Driver) Soraya – Sandra Opening Scene (Soraya is on the phone with leaving a message to her parents) Soraya ] Goodnight mom and dad it’s Soraya, I am calling to tell you I have decided to accompany Amir jan back…show more content…
Rahim ] ” Bachemn” it has not been easy here either, I’m very sick these days. What I thought to be a blessing has now become a nightmare. Amir ] What are you talking about? Rahim ] The Taliban backem, they have ruined Afghanistan. they terrorize the people here and starve the children. they are worst than the Russians. Amir ] (Amir shakes his head in disbelieve). Rahim ] Yes, the situation is grave. However, I have something very serious To discuss with you, it’s about Hassan. Amir ] (Amir looks to the ground with shame). Rahim ] Amir jan, Ali has pass away and there is going to be a funeral. Hassan will be there, and you should talk to him. Amie ] What? Rahim ] Yes Amir, I have spoken to him and he told me what had happened. It has been long enough now. Ali is dead, and you and Hassan need to talk. Amir ] What make you so sure he wants to talk to me? Rahim ] He wants to talk to you, and you need to talk to him. It’s the only way to be good
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