The Kitty Genovese Murder

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Katie Wallace
Psychology 2301
May 9, 2013
Mrs. Strickland
Silent Witnesses: The Kitty Genovese Murder 1. After the 1964 murder of Kitty Genovese, John Darley and Bibb Latane were in shock as the rest of the city/world that a 28 year old lady could be stabbed in a neighborhood with about 38 by standers or more and say or do nothing. Why didn’t anyone try and help her? How could people stand by and watch this go on? People speculated that the failure of people to get involved might be due more to the influence (socially) that bystanders have on each other. To test this theory, Darley and Latane, two psychologists, decided to conduct a study. “Diffusion of Responsibility” Everyone hopes that someone else will be the first to step up
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I would have yelled while calling the police at the same time. I can’t imagine me having that on my conscious for the rest of my life. “I could have done something, I could have called, and I chose to do nothing and now this lady is dead.” How the 38 people still sleep at night, I have no clue. There was a window of opportunity for Kitty to still be alive, and the fact that no one could even call the police disgusts me. It took the police 2 minutes to arrive. Winston stayed in his car for 10 minutes. I would have called. There is no excuse why any of these neighbors didn’t
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